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5 Best Apps For Christmas Shopping:

12/9/2013   With Christmas shopping in full swing, organizing your Christmas list can be challenging. Whether it’s remembering to get a gift for your child’s teacher or making sure none of your friends are left out, holiday shopping requires tons of multitasking.

Create and Track Your Gift List, or Send a Silly Holiday Card

12/19/2012   Apps can also help you with gift-giving. If you’re at a loss for ideas, you may find the Gift Professor (free on iOS and Android) helpful. I was skeptical as I tapped in details … read more

Gift Suggestion Platform Reinvents Holiday Shopping

12/18/2012   A gift that’s as easy as a gift card but much more personal and unique. Sounds too good to be true?  If an app or website could promise you that, you’d make short work of that gift-buying list., a web- and app-based shopping tool, can help you experience Zen-like shopping satisfaction. OK, maybe not quite Zen-like, but …  read more


Finding the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season with Gift Professor

12/12/2012  Have you finished your shopping yet?  I’m afraid to admit I still have WAY too many people left to buy for!  While my kids are easy, and my husband (fairly easy!) there are others that it’s just tough to shop for no matter who they are in your life. They seem to have everything, need nothing and you’re never really sure what to get them.   One new website is designed to help you solve exactly that problem! GiftProfessor is designed to…. read more


Kansas City Business Radio KMBZ Interviews Gift Professor Founder

12/6/2012  11:45 am  Click here to listen to interview on an audio MP3 file



Gift Professor Solves – Finding the Perfect Gift for those Hard-To-Shop-For People

12/6/2012   Y’all know I make Christmas my bitch.. Now you can too!  You’ve all been there. It’s the beginning of December and you have that one person on your list and you have no clue what to get them. You aimlessly wander around the mall, debating over  meaningless trinkets or something useless.  By the time you’re done navigating the crowds and lines,you’ve had it.  read more …


Bad at Picking Gifts? Gift Professor to the Rescue

12/4/2012   In between the Frontal Steak House Lobe and the Lamborghini Cortex of the masculine brain lies that often overlooked sweet spot for our loved ones. It’s the same part that got us wives or girlfriends, or even just good, long-term pals. But with each new option for maintaining those relationships, sometimes the Unfinished Man can lose touch with that sweet spot.  Now, there’s a tool that keeps our sweet spots in full working order.  Read more …

Science of Giving

12/1/2012  Whether you relish the thrill of the hunt or head straight for the gift cards, the holidays are just around the corner. And that means searching for the perfect gift for everyone on your list.  This year, why not sidestep the big box stores and crowded mall — and still snag a fabulous find — by consulting the Gift Professor.  Read more …


Solved! Finding the Perfect Gift for Impossible People with the Gift Professor

11/29/2012   We have all been there. That gift that you have to get for someone on your list and you have no idea what to get them. You don’t have a clue and it’s driving you crazy. I was actually just making fun of my husband the other day because he never knows what to get me for Christmas. He will literally go to the mall the day or two before Christmas and spend hours walking in circles. See more……


GiftProfessor: Find Gifts According To The Personality Of The Recipient

11/21/12   Are you having trouble deciding what to buy for your father’s upcoming birthday? Or maybe you are looking for a gift to give your girlfriend on your anniversary that is right round the corner? Whatever the occasion is, we always struggle to find the right present for our loved ones. We want it to be something that goes with their personality and, in some cases, we want the gift to be of some use to them in their work.  read more ….


Gift Professor Launches Mobile App; Makes Giving Unique Gifts Easier than Ever

Lawrence, KS (PRWEB) November 13, 2012   Gift Professor, a one-of-a-kind online shopping experience, delivers an infinite number of personalized gift suggestions to the gift giver. Users can download the new free Gift Professor app for their iPhones, iPads or Android phones, available through iTunes, the App Store and Google Play Market.  read more ….


Futuristic Gift Giving – Reviving personal gifts vs. Gift Cards

November 13, 2011 -  In this guest post founder Tony Schmidt discusses the problem Gift Professor solves by encapsulating all aspects of the person you wish to please with your gift  read more …


Gift Professor makes picking out holiday gifts easier than ever on Kansas City Live

Founder interviewed my Michelle Davidson on popular Kansas City morning talk show KC Live.     View the Friday November 9, 2012 three minute segment


Baby boomer solves the puzzle of how to find the perfect gift

BoomerCafe November 7, 2012 – The generations younger than ours certainly have their own ideas about how to improve our lives, but we boomers are not quite out of ideas ourselves. To wit, we just heard from Tony Schmidt in Lawrence Kansas, who set out to solve what he calls The Impossible Software Problem. We think he’s done it!   read more…



Visit Our YouTube channel to keep up on the “lighter side” of the adventures of Gift Professor as he helps his friends avoid boring gift giving

Gift Professor is Here to Help Pt. 1, Gift Professor is Here to Help Pt. 2, Gift Professor: How Does He Do It?, Gift Professor Brings Color to the World, Happy Halloween from the Gift Professor as well as helpful how-tos  View Videos Here….

Introducing Gift Professor: the Gift-Giving Brainchild of Lawrence, KS Entrepreneur Tony Schmidt

Give the perfect gift in under 40 seconds.  LAWRENCE, KS (PRWEB) October 04, 2012  Gift Professor is a one-of-a-kind online shopping experience that delivers an infinite number of personalized gift suggestions to the gift giver.  read more…..


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Internet Product Company Success Story: is a different kind of gifting website, in fact is a tool in and of itself, a gift finding tool. The tool requires users to complete a survey about themselves and the person they are buying the gift. It takes into consideration factors like the recipients’ age, interests, occupation and personality traits. In the end, the survey generates gift ideas from around 50,000 products featured on their website. They consider themselves the eHarmony of gift finding tools.


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Online shopping tool creates customized gift lists

LAWRENCE — Stumped on what to buy your spouse, children, boss and friends for the holidays? Hesitant to fight the mob at the mall or fumble with credit cards at cash registers?

No need to sweat it. A new web-based shopping tool developed by a Lawrence company can pinpoint unique gifts that match a person’s traits and direct you to online merchants where you can make your purchases.

Read more at CJOnline


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Gift Professor, developed by a Lawrence company, simplifies holiday shopping

A bit stumped when it came to gift buying, Lawrence resident Tony Schmidt didn’t just go to the mall and settle on blasé run-of-the-mill presents for his loved ones. Instead, the now-president of came up with an idea to both simplify and personalize the gift-giving process: Gift Professor.

The online, free-of-charge service pairs buyers with gifts for their loved ones based on principles similar to sites such as eHarmony and Pandora. The Gift Professor program asks users questions about the type of relationship the two people are in, personal style and occupation, among others. Schmidt says the goal is to provide something special: a gift your loved one will cherish.

Read more at LJWorld

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With ‘technology like eHarmony,’ CoolProducts hopes to help gift givers

If you think sounds similar to other ecommerce sites you’ve seen, Tony Schmidt suggests you to think again. Schmidt, the CEO of Lawrence, Kan.-based CoolProducts, is very clear about what he believes distinguishes his website from the competition.

“We do not analyze your click stream to provide ‘people like you bought this’ suggestions. That’s creepy,” Schmidt said in an email interview. “We do not provide stereotypical baskets of ideas based on personas like: Weekend Warrior or (Fashionista). That is not respectful. We do not crawl people’s Facebook accounts to see what they are interested in. Our service gives you the steering wheel to create a unique set of product ideas that are tailor made exactly to your recipients attributes.”

Read more at Silicon Prairie News


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Revolutionary Gift Discovery Tool Unveiled by to Find Unique Gifts

KANSAS CITY, KS–(Marketwire – Oct 11, 2011) – No more trudging the mall or browsing online forunique gifts this holiday season. Gift Professor, a personality based gift discovery tool, has arrived at This free online software does the heavy lifting for you.

Created by Social Psychologists and Computer Scientists, the new tool empowers puzzled shoppers who want to pull unique gift ideas from the vastness of the web.

Read more at Market Wire Responds to Economic Downturn By Making Website Price Sensitive

Lawrence, KS (PRWEB) December 15, 2008 —, the vast shopping site launched in November, has responded to the economic crisis with a retooled home page. Shoppers are now invited to visit to see Featured Gifts Under $100.

Because gift shopping should be fun and fruitful, was created to help the smart shopper access great gift ideas from all over the web in one easy place. By representing 1000s of the webs top online merchants, shopper’s now can access a better product recommendation tool for both price and relevance. For this current frugal environment items are organized by price from lowest to highest.

Founder Tony Schmidt notes, “We are a new twist for the hard-to-buy-for. Essentially we have organized the ‘coolest’ products from 1000s of your favorite catalogs to make shopping very easy. These are clever and useful gift ideas from the biggest, most popular web stores. We are right for you if you want to cut to the chase and spend as little time as possible finding the well-thought-out gift. By aggregating so many merchants into clear categories we facilitate a rich serendipitous experience for busy people. Visitors can easily find the ‘coolest’ gift to match to their budget and their recipient’s style. How cool is that?”

Get the full letter here: /2008/12/prweb1738944.htm


Blog article This site is great when you’re running short on ideas. They even have a category “Entertainment Tastes” with a subcategory of “Romance.” In this subcategory are gift ideas such as a steak dinner for two, Elvis and Priscilla Barbie dolls, and a “The Sheik” movie poster. (By the way, for those of you who are wondering, I would not like the Elvis and Priscilla dolls.)

Get the full letter here: reader_letter.php?readerid=0010


Redefining cool: Lawrence company hatches unique social-shopping site

When Tony Schmidt started Lawrence-based, he set the bar high.

“Our products are supposed to be ‘wow,’ ‘best of class’ or at least very strong,” Schmidt says. “We’re not interested in adequate or textbook stuff. We want the coolest stuff.

“And then we ask our community to tell us: Is this product extremely cool or just mediocre? Give us a thumbs down, and it’s outta here.”

Get the full story here: /08/redefining-cool-lawrence-company-hatches-unique-so/

New, locally-based Web site to shop

It’s called Tony Schmidt is the mastermind behind the Lawrence-based Web site. He and his 15 employees have spent the last two years developing it. The Web site claims to have the coolest, most unique gifts from 1,100 merchants across the country.

And the site allows users to control what’s coolest.

“We don’t want adequate products, we want very strong, exceptional, wow, best-of-class products,” Schmidt said.

Get the full story here: nov/21/new_locallybased_web_site_shop/ Announces Launch of New Social Networking/E-Commerce Site With Holiday Contests

KANSAS CITY, KS and LAWRENCE, KS, Nov 10, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) — A group of social media entrepreneurs have publicly launched a new people driven online store:

To celebrate the launch and to highlight this surprising problem solver for the holidays, announces a Member Contest running through 12/5 with holiday oriented gift prizes. In addition, there’s a Blogger Contest with great products for the wired-in crowd like the popular Cruzin Cooler thru 11/25.

The site was created for shoppers to express their individuality and gain access to great gift ideas from 1000s of national merchants in one easy place. Cool Products 8000 product inventory was generated by a social network of participants. Product finders have been working all year to suggest products from merchants all over the web.

Get the full story here: /story/CoolProductscom-Announces-Launch-New-Social /story.aspx?guid={00092D11-158C-4EDD-8D31-141366CB50A4}

A cool place to find unique products

Founder Tony Schmidt discusses his newly-launched, community-based Web site,

Get the full story here: boomergirl_radio/2008/nov/10/ cool_place_find_unique_products/

Online store to launch

A group of social media entrepreneurs have publicly launched a new user-driven online store,, a division of Heart of America E-Commerce, 1617 St. Andrews Drive.

The site was created for shoppers to express their individuality and gain access to thousands of national merchants. The store will celebrate its launch with a blogger contest with technology-oriented prizes through Nov. 25, and a member contest with holiday-oriented gift prizes through Dec. 5.

Get the full story here: /05/online_store_launch/


CoolProducts Review

A few days ago I was out shopping at the mall and I noticed that the store I was in already had most if it’s Christmas inventory (Christmas trees, wreaths, and other decorations) on display for sale. It may only be October, but in the eyes of the retail market it’s already the Christmas season.

Buying gifts for people seems to be getting harder and harder each year. I think part of it is because I’m getting older each year and so I can’t get my friends Ninja Turtles or Lego anymore. In fact, just coming up with new and interesting prizes for my Affiliate Marketing Challenges each month takes me literally hours to do.

This is where comes in. is a website which, as their name suggests, offers cool products for sale. Since Christmas is just over the horizon, they thought it’d be a good time to market their site and let people know about it for their upcoming holiday shopping.

Get the full story here:

Cool Products Dot Com

This is a site review about which has just recently launched. It is a really great website mainly due to it’s completely original idea (which I have not seen anywhere online) and also the fact that you can make money from being involved.

On you can get involved by recommending cool products you have seen elsewhere online. Then other members of the site will vote the product up or down. If the product gets a good rating then they will begin to offer it for sale on and whenever that product is sold through the website the person who recommended it will get a commission on the sale. The more cool products you recommend then the more money you can make.

There is already some pretty cool stuff on the website. Like a “Cruisin Cooler” which is a scooter/esky (Australian word for cooler). They have a pretty cool “Chilled Shot Machine” which is a little random and expensive but could be fun if you were a true blue alcoholic. They even have “Box4Blocks” which is something I had as a kid for storing lego. Each level of storage has smaller and smalled holes leading down to the bottom to separate your lego by size. The smaller lego filters to the bottom and the larger lego stays on top.

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